The Dutch Association
of Ship Suppliers

We promote our members’ interests by facilitating efficient ship supplying and services.


Efficient supplying and services

Efficient supplying and services: that is what our members do for the shipping industry. As a trade association, we aim to create the appropriate conditions for that. We serve as both a point of contact and a knowledge base for the sector.

To represent our sector well, we work closely with customs authorities, the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, and parties concerned under laws and regulations.

This includes holding discussions with people’s representatives at national and EU level, which enables us to influence the development of new regulations.

To connect and strengthen organisations within the sector, we hold annual knowledge and network meetings. Together, we put Dutch seaports on the map, which is good for the Dutch shipping industry.



The Board of Directors is responsible for the following:

  • Monitoring and advising our members on a daily basis
  • Lobbying activities with national and international authorities
  • Consulting local and national authorities
  • Participating in Deltalinqs working groups
  • Participating in A.I.P. (Agrarisch Import Platform) working groups
  • Participation in government working groups/dossier teams
  • Participation in boards and working groups of OCEAN and ISSA.
  • Participation in the annual ISSA Convention & Trade Exhibition
  • Holding networking meetings and member meetings

The NVVS already has over 100 member companies

We aim to achieve the highest level of excellence in the ship supply industry, thus promoting the interests of our industry. If you are involved in the maritime sector in the Netherlands, you will also benefit from our efforts.

We influence the development of new regulations at local, national and international levels. The broad knowledge of our members and the various working groups and committees is therefore of great significance.

The NVVS already has over 100 member companies. From ship suppliers and subcontractors to companies providing logistics, financial, or other services. There are also members with legal or advisory roles.


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