Who can become a member?

Members can be natural persons, legal entities, general partnerships, and limited partnerships working in and/or providing services to the ship supply industry.

Extract from the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce
Applicants are required to enclose an extract from the trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce no older than 12 months with their application form. Other company information such as brochures should be sent to the association’s secretariat. We also require three letters of recommendation from current members.

What is the procedure?

Membership conditions

The secretary will inform the balloting committee of your application for membership; this committee submits proposals to the Board. A digital newsletter about your application will then be sent to members. Existing members may object within two weeks of this by sending an e-mail to the secretary. The Board will then decide on your application.

Membership cancellation
Cancellation of membership for a following association year can only be accepted if written notice of cancellation is received no later than 4 weeks before the end of the current association year.

The association year runs from 1 January to 31 December. Contribution for the current association year remains due at all times.

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Membership Fees

Annual membership fees

€ 795,00

members with 1 to 12 employees

€ 1295,00

members with 12 to 40 employees, members with substantial interests, members duty-free industry

€ 1500,00

supplier members with 40 or more employees

€ 2925,00

member ship suppliers with 40 or more employees

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