About us

Our mission

We promote our members’ interests by facilitating efficient ship supplying and services. We also enable our members to connect, creating a valuable and powerful network. We thus not only strengthen our economic position but also the reputation of our industry.

Board of directors

We would like to introduce you to our board of directors

Bastiaan Busz

(Total Ship Supply B.V.)

Jan van Doorn

(W.G. van der Zanden B.V.)
Vice President

Tim Prins

(Prins Supply B.V.)

Joep van Eijk

(Kroonint B.V.)

Max Geeratz

(B&S Bosman Global)

Frans Fakkers

(Harding Marine Rotterdam B.V.)

Rudolf van Soelen

(Electro Cirkel Marine & Industry B.V.)

Jaco Hooij

(Wrist Klevenberg Ship Supply NL B.V.)

Eric Bezemer

(NeKo Ship Supply B.V.)

Our secretariat

Jessica van Weperen

(Van Weperen & Partners)

Working groups/committees

Working group on customs, veterinary and VAT matters

The working group consists of the following members:

The audit committee consists of the following members:

There is also a sustainability working group and a communications working group. These working groups are represented by our board members

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